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Our Service

GreenCleen technicians use state-of-the-art
industrial equipment, pressurized water and air, and
special anti-bacterial formulations, featuring Thick
Foam Technology (TFT), to expertly clean restrooms
and other facility areas. Innovative TFT destroys
virtually all germs and bacteria, even in the hardestto-
access nooks and crannies…leaving floors, walls,
and fixtures fresh, spotless, and smelling great.
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5-Step Hygienic Cleaning Process

Step 1: FOAM
– Deep foam cleanse on all surface areas

Step 2: SCRUB
– Detailed hand-scrubbing

Step 3: RINSE
– Widespread, complete rinsing

Step 4: WET VAC
– Thorough wet-vacuum drying

Step 5: WIPE
– Total microfiber wipe down


The GreenCleen “Seal of Sanitization”
assures customers that all soil and harmful bacteria has been completely removed
and all that is left is “clean.”


The GreenCleen sanitization process is
eco-friendly and consistent with best environmental practices. Our proprietary foam cleaning agents are the safest and most effective on the market today, and are approved by the Design For the Environment (DfE) program, sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Click here for more information.